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KIDANGAMPARAMBU SREEBHUVANESWARY TEMPLE is one of the ancient and primordial shrines in Kerala. The presence of the mighty goddess Sree Bhuvaneeswari Devi makes the temple prominent radiant and lustrous. Thousands of devotees get relieved from their troubles and mess here. The temple has a majestic Rajagopuram or Vimanam which is not found anywhere in Kerala other than Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvanandapuram .Here Devi lends her hand to all devotees irrespective of their cast gender and nationality. She is also well-known as bhaktadaasi which means the maid of devotees.

Marthanda Varma the mighty king of Venadu assaulted Chempakassery and marched to invade Cochi. On this course the troop camped near a trench at the northern end of Chempakassery. There, was a wood with thorny hedges and the armed forces used this area as their lavatory.But eventually some members of the militia affected smallpox and the soothsayers supposed that the troops contaminated a holy temple buried underground.

The generous king was ready to give his price. He once again invited astrologers and they said that there was a temple underground and a powerful divinity’s place of abode was contaminated by the soldiers. When the king’s people dug the place thy could find the remnants of an ancient temple beneath.

As guided by the astrologers, the king ordered to build a new temple there and one called Thyvelikkakathu Arayan came forward to undertake the job.65.5 paras of paddy field and a lot of land was presented tax free to meet daily expenses. A marvelous temple was constructed and enquiries were made of the earlier possessors of the temple. The vellala pillas of the region alleged that a group of Namboothiries were there about seven centuries back and they worshipped a powerful deity whose temple was found beneath. Moreover information they got was ,in due course a group of Brahmins left the place and others merged in devi herself. Many years after the departure of the Brahmins, a toddy tapper who was a devote of devi found a wooden stool in the temple premises He cut off the hedges around it and began to light a metal lamp there. When he became aged began to travel to many lands like a saint. But he reached to light the lamp before devi at the first day of each Malayalam month.This saint like toddy tapper is known as Bhandasanyasi. Eventually Bhandasanyasi also merged with devi and once again the old temple became deserted.

After many years a devotee called Veluppillai reached there and began to worship Devi. This lasted till his death and after that once again the temple was left dumped

All these facts were derived from Vellalappillas. The king’s people enquired whether any title-holders of Bhandsanyasi or Veluppillai is alive. But they could find none. So the temple and the surrounding areas were given to a group of land lords of the vicinity. But these land lords misused and sold off the precious assets of the temple and at last the administration of the temple was vested with Tayyil Ayyaru Kochupanicker. In 1084 K.E the administration came to a local body and in 1100 K.E,Nellikka Parambil Mr. Venki became the president of the Kshethra Yoga or temple committee.

In due course advocate K M Krishnan took his charge as president and Shri Vacheyil Kochukutty turned to be the secretary and Shri Charan contractor became the treasurer. With their hard slog, they paid off the temples debts with the co operation of the general public and regained the properties of the temple which were entertained by others. They are responsible for the construction of the Guru Mandiram in the temple.

The admirable services of the following presidents Parambil Shri Velayudhan Muthalali and Shri Kelamangalam Shri V K Damodaran are memorable. Shri V K Damodaran regained the properties and rennovated the old temple. More over the granite sreekovil,Chuttambalam,Aana kottil ect were also constructed during his period.

This temple is one of the rare temples in Kerala with Shadadhara prathista which provides the devotees affluence, wealth and prosperity.In 1981 this temple is registered in accordance with Thirukkochi Charity Scientific & Charitable Socities Act. L P School, nursery teacher training centre.printing press,shoppin complex,womens hostel ect.are run by the temple trust. The sculpture –rich Seevelippura of this temple is extra ordinary. The benevolence of these sculptures is admired by thousands of devotees and general public. Elements of Lord Krishnas birth, life history and swargarohana are depicted attractively in these sculptures. The aanakkottil is decorated with beautiful oil paintings whose topics are from the epic Ramayana.

Mr K.Sankaran Kalarikal set up the Bhadrakali temple, Navagraha temple and SreeKrishna temple with the blessings of devotees.And he is the visionary who set up Sankaracharya and Sree Narayana Guru Bhuvaneswary shopping complex and the Kanaka jubilee Mandir.

Khrethakulam was put in place by Mr Mani Kandathil and the second floor of Kalarikal Sankaran Complex was also constructed by him . The now serving president Shaji Kalarikal renovated the Siva Temple and Erected an ornamental brass flag mast in front of the shrine of Bhadrakali. His further efforts are the brass metal covering of the Mukha Mandapam of Bhagavathi temple, Bhadrakali temple and SreeKrishna temple. Renovation of working women's hostel and re coloring of the Rajagopuram art gallery are also his crown feathers.